Overview of the Bronco Spirit Slot

Like McDonald’s fries, the quality of Pragmatic Play can vary widely from day to day. Unfortunately, Bronco Spirit can be classified as a modern work. Perhaps due to a lack of inspiration, Pragmatic Play has once again opted for the “wild mustang” aesthetic while also heavily incorporating Native American iconography. The game uses a cliche concept and mechanics that have been seen in prior games by Pragmatic and other developers. I’m sorry in advance if this review seems lackluster. When a game’s designer seems to have chosen the simple route of using a stock aesthetic, slapping on some borrowed features, and dumping in a subpar engine, it’s hard to get enthused about it. The view isn’t perfect, but it’s not terrible, either.

The presence of a 5×4 layout with few means to win is a sure sign that progress will be slow, and such is the case here. When the grid is activated, it reveals a 5-reel, 4-row high gaming area with 75 fixed paylines winding around it. The background is nice, however it appears to have been snatched off the internet. Players are presented with a similarly stunning golden/red sun washed desert landscape full of boulders and valleys. Someplace like Utah, Colorado, or Arizona. The visual style is reminiscent to physical ports, and the retro feel is carried through in the music and sound effects.

Let’s look at the important numbers in the saddlebag before we start spinning the reels. Pragmatic, for one, has dialed back the extreme volatility of their maximum mathematical model to a more manageable 3/5 on their lightning meter. Along with it, you get a respectable RTP of 96.63% by default, however your casino may set it much lower.

For a change, neither the coin value nor the bet level need to be adjusted. It’s easy to play, as you just need to choose a stake value between 25 percent and $/€ 125 every spin. The purpose of the game is landing winning combos which are made by three or more matching symbols on a payline. The symbols are a mix of fairly clichéd Native American images, and basic slot icons. Hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades decked out with gold and jewels look a little out of place on the plains and are the lowest value suit. Meanwhile, Pocahontas, a teepee, a peace pipe, a hatchet, a drum, and a teepee serve as symbols for the premiums.

The top payout comes from the bronco, which pays out 10 times the wager for five on a line. The wild symbol is a multiplier that can be used in place of the other symbols to increase your chances of winning. Remember that the wild card only appears on the tenth spin of the main game. As you’ll see, it’s also crucial during the special effects sequences.

Specs of the Bronco Spirit Slot Machine

Features in Bronco’s Spirit are activated by landing either the scatter symbol or the golden horse coin. Coins are awarded as part of the game’s Progressive Feature, which is in play from the get-go. The standard game is played in 10-spin increments. The maximum number of gold coins that can be won during the 10 spins is 20, and the total is displayed above the reels. After collecting a certain quantity of coins, those coins are returned to the reels as wild symbols on the tenth spin.

It’s important to know that the game will remember how much gold coins a player has accumulated even if they switch bet levels in the middle of a batch of 10 spins. If a player returns to the same level, they will continue from the same checkpoint.

If you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll activate Bronco Spirit’s Free Spins bonus round. When that occurs, players have the following volatility options from which to choose:

With three scatters, you can play for free for 15 spins with four wilds or five with seven wilds.

There will be 30 free spins with 4 wilds, or 10 with 7.

If you get 5 scatters, you’ll get 45 spins with 4 wilds or 15 spins with 7 wilds during the bonus round.

The bonus round is entertaining since the chosen amount of wilds can move freely around the reels and into different positions with each spin. Scatters persist during the bonus round; if three or more appear, they will once again activate the bonus round and give you the choices described above. Players may change their minds about their selection at any time during the round.

Judgment on the Bronco Spirit Slot

Add yet another slot machine made by Pragmatic Play. There isn’t anything in Bronco Spirit that’s new or even really engaging. With each set of 10 spins, the game gradually increases in potential, making things more interesting. It’s like getting tossed from a bronco into a cactus sometimes, and other times it all works out.

Again, it’s not really novel and has been done better in other games, such as Panther’s Reign or, more lately, Pragmatic’s own Golden Beauty. In fact, the bonus game’s selectable spins and random wilds are reminiscent of Golden Beauty’s. Certainly not an identical twin, but close enough to pass muster.

In our last assessment of a Pragmatic Play slot machine, we noted the company’s erratic performance. However, Bronco Spirit is just another filler and not nearly as impressive a game as fans would like. It’s been done before, it’s a little slow, and it steals far too many aspects from other works. The fruit salad here isn’t quite as spoiled as in Fruit Rainbow, but it’s still nothing to write home about. There are already a lot of games out there with a similar subject, so there’s not much new to offer.






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