Here are the Top 6 Poker Players You Should Follow on Twitter

One of the most captivating, pleasant, and most exciting game ts911vip popular games on the planet is, beyond question, poker. Notable experts impact poker players taking part in high-stakes online poker games with a high total assets and achievement record. Because of the huge number of exceptional players who have made progress in light of winning live competitions, lofty titles, life span, and different elements, picking the best poker players in history is testing.

Here is a rundown of those poker world players in no specific request, separated into male and female classifications, for all the poker fans hoping to attract motivation from the best players poker history.

Poker players are no exemption, with the greater part dynamic on various long range interpersonal communication destinations. They are out of control, from TikTok to YouTube.

Another popular virtual entertainment site where poker players can share different kinds of data is Twitter. From their singular conclusions on current issues to some poker industry foundation. We assembled a couple of the most interesting Twitter accounts that can offer counsel to different players.

Off the felts, poker players from around the world can pretty entertain. Some of them merit following via online entertainment since they are exceptionally dynamic there. This will permit you to study their regular routines, where they stand in contests, whether they have won any awards, and substantially more. Check out at our positioning of the main 5 poker players on Instagram!

Here you can track down the best 6 poker players:



One of the best poker players ever is Daniel Negreanu. the beneficiary of poker than $46 million in prize cash, 6 WSOP wristbands, and 2 WPT crowns. He has in excess of 518,000 supporters on his @RealKidPoker Twitter account. Despite the fact that it may not appear as though a huge number, it is one of the most followed poker accounts. This isn’t is business as usual, taking into account Negreanu is an entrancing person who as often as possible causes discussion among his admirers.

The now-US resident, brought into the world in Canada, much of the time shares the latest poker news. Likewise, a few phenomenal movies with respect to his systems. His record additionally posts entertaining images and the latest games news. One of the top poker players to follow on Twitter is Negreanu.



Phil Hellmuth, a skilled poker player who has won 16 WSOP arm bands and composed different books on the game, is one more remarkable player with a notable Twitter following. Because of his eruptions, the Headliner champion from 1989 probably won’t be the most famous player.

What’s more, bring in some cash on one of the American web-based poker locales. Furthermore, Hellmuth promotes future occasions, especially those wherein he will contend. Fans can regardless find recordings concerning his confidential life too. For example, when he is moving at a family wedding or playing golf. Notwithstanding refreshes on his work life.



Alongside being a talented poker player, Victoria Coren is likewise a telecaster and an essayist. Hence, VictoriaCoren on Twitter doesn’t simply discuss poker. The way that Coren tweets about different subjects, from the freshest BBC series to her political sentiments, just builds its charm.

Since she basically takes part in real money game poker in cardrooms, she regularly tweets about her encounters in different settings. Coren has an entertaining pizazz and an extremely dynamic record, which represents her colossal following. (As of now, there are 663,000).

Look at Vanessa Selbst’s Vanessa Selbst account assuming you’re looking for one that centers more around poker. With three WSOP wristbands, she is one of the best female poker players of all time. Alongside tweets about her family and individual life, Selbst likewise much of the time shares poker tips that apply to any poker game you play at online club. Indeed, even Selbst, who frequently contends in web-based competitions, may be there.



All poker fans ought to likewise look at Doug Polk, one of the top heads-up players, at his @DougPolkVids account. Especially in the event that you wouldn’t fret a little savaging and characters like Polk Because of his noteworthy web-based execution, he turned into a commonly recognized name. In any case, he additionally prevailed upon $9,5 million in live occasions.

He tweets poker and digital money guidance since he is keen on both. He additionally has no issue ridiculing other poker players. Polk appreciates collaborating with colleagues, fans, and naysayers, so assuming you tweet him, he could answer. Furthermore, you might get more familiar with the poker business and his latest poker troubles.

His poker vocation started when he began dating an Argentinean proficient poker player. Starting around 2014, he has fundamentally partaken in live competitions and has procured a sum of $3.3 million. He likewise took part in the PokerStars Caribbean Experience Headliner in 2018, where he turned into the principal female champ. He got an award from the Bahamas-based rivalry worth generally $1.1 million.



The feed @TexDolly of Doyle Brunson is a more ordinary poker account. In his 50-year vocation, the 87-year-old poker legend amassed 10 WSOP arm bands and a World Poker Visit title. He presents statements for him everyday, a large number of them about poker. The latest poker news updates and game outcomes are additionally included.

Alongside his recollections of past titles, his 399,00 devotees may likewise find many mouth-watering food pictures on his Instagram page. Furthermore, Brunson offers his viewpoints on governmental issues and different games, some of the time in a disagreeable way. The “Adoptive parent of Poker” has one of the most charming and dynamic Twitter accounts, so it doesn’t concern him.



Erik Seidel is one of the poker record-holders and has a considerable rundown of triumphs shockingly. In 1988, he partook in the WSOP Headliner and confronted Johnny Chan. Erik goes up against more youthful players while likewise being an accomplished poker player, coming out on top for championships and awards. Also, he has gotten praises and 8 WSOP arm bands, including acceptance into the Poker Corridor of Acclaim. Seidel won As far as possible Holdem competition in 1994, and in 1988, at the No Restriction 2-7 Draw Game, he acquired his fourth WSOP arm band.

He began playing on the web poker in 2006 and is an expert poker player. Krietn was in the last table on two events on the European Poker Visit and when on the World Poker Visit. He won three poker arm bands at the Worldwide championship of Poker. In the live rivalry of 2017, Bicknell completed first among female players, taking down Maria Ho and Maria Lampropulos.






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