Stephen Nawa - Generations Leader in Zambia

Stephen-Nawa-Gen-Leader-in-Zambia-wedding-picI would say God is good all the time and grants us the desires of our hearts indeed. Before I met my wife I had been praying and expecting God to give me a wife as I was advancing in age. My prayer was to find someone who loves the Lord like I do, a friend and beautiful of course lol! Then I was transferred at work from the city I live to another town. Just two months of my stay there I met this lovely lady on a bus when I was returning from seeing my parents. We sat next to each other and started a conversation, it was a small conversation but as we talked I realized we had so much in common. We then exchanged numbers, that's how it all began. With time I realized that she was the one and I told her. She confessed that she also was praying for someone who had the same Christian beliefs like she had. She never used to open up to guys like she did the first day we met and she knew that I wasn't just a regular guy ... hahaha! Ever since we have been seeing the hand of God in our lives. We planned just to have a small wedding ceremony but our ways are not God's way, He surprised us with provision and all our needs were met for our wedding, that's another big testimony on it's own.