Stacey-and-retreat-speaker-Alison-BownAfter attending a recent Aglow Area Retreat in Oregon, Stacey Dixon was full to overflowing.  Stacey is a former Lighthouse President, worked with Nancy McDaniel’s Aglow State Prayer Coordinators, and went on the 2014 journey to Israel with the Generations team.  Stacey writes…

I just got back from an amazing weekend from our Area Aglow retreat where I heard a lot of wonderful testimonies, saw God move in miraculous ways, and heard some awesome teachings from all the speakers. They are a company of “laid down” forerunners and revolutionary life changers.  During the prophetic ministry time I also had an amazing opportunity to love people in a deeper way, looking at them with the Father's eyes and heart.  The whole weekend was full of opportunities to go higher, deeper, think, respond differently, embrace more of the Kingdom, and encounter much more love for ourselves and the people around us.

You know the thing I love most about Aglow? Aglow is a ministry that it's dedicated to seeing people step into their full identity.  They are not afraid to change the course or look and try new things. They are committed to helping people know God, and encounter Him.  I love the wonderful teaching, equipping, and leadership training that develops each one of us.  Aglow rocks!

Another thing that I personally love about Aglow is that no matter where you go you never meet a stranger.  You are constantly being grafted into a larger family and the resources never run dry!   It’s all about Aglow people being real, being saved, being made whole, being transformed, being sought after and found, being loved, being affirmed, being fashioned in faith....  I could go on and on, because it never ends.  We are a company of pioneers, and we are advancing into all God has promised for us!

The ministry of Aglow is so amazing.  I am so thankful for opportunities like this last weekend to encounter the heart of Aglow and the people that are in it over and over again!