Under 35's at the European English Speaking Aglow Conference in the Netherlands

The theme for this year’s spring European English Speaking Aglow Conference was on Naomi and Ruth, and the Generations.

SW Regional Conference Worship

At the opening service for the South/Southeast Regional Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, I felt God’s presence immediately as I walked through the door.

Krystal and Lyle Heisz Testimony

Hello Anna and AGLOW! I know you all would like to hear about our time at the 2018 Conference. My husband and I are 32 years old and attended together. Firstly, when we chose to be at this conference, we knew nothing about AGLOW. I had been to one local AGLOW meeting when I was 22 years old.

El Salvador Generations

Recently, Anna Gibbons received an update from Iliana Orantes, Aglow El Salvador Generations leader. Iliana writes, "Hello, Anna, it's a pleasure to greet you and tell you what God has allowed us to do in El Salvador through Aglow Generations. This year we have grown to four groups. The first one meets on Mondays at the Aglow House with whole families, their small children and teenagers. We are developing the Transformers Manual in all our discipleship groups and have had miracles of healing and family restoration in this group.

Andrea John - Aglow Germany National President

Andrea John and her daughter-in-law, Sarah, shared a message on Naomi and Ruth at the June 2018 National Conference. Below are the notes of the second message. Be blessed as you read and ponder how God can use you to bridge the gap between the generations.

Aglow Germany praying over the generations

“Andrea John, Aglow Germany President and her Germany National Board planned their June 2018 National Conference around the theme of bridging between the Generations. Anna Gibbons, Aglow’s Generations Director, was a speaker at the Conference and they gave her this vision for their Conference below.

I was saved at an Aglow meeting and since that time my heart has always been with Aglow women. It was also my dream to take part in an international conference and when I heard that European Summit 2018 was going to be held in Krakow, in my country, I knew I was to be there. My dream came true!

It was a groundbreaking experience for me, a time of joy and freedom! I am more hungry for God now and see the need of sharing the gospel everywhere I go, because time is short. “He that has ears to hear, let him hear!” - Gosia Kluz

From Kate Hilliard, TX

The whole experience was amazing and thank you for giving us a voice. The conference was not just a gathering, but a commissioning, new marching orders. I loved learning that 5778 is the year of the woman and of warring angels! I felt the charge in the atmosphere and the new authority arising to walk in.