French-Speaking Aglow Conference in Belgium

Young People were blessed at the French-Speaking Aglow Conference in Belgium

During that retreat, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to Him I was able to meet other Christians of my age, who are also hungry for GOD; I thank Him because there was a before and an after retreat. To give you an example, before I neglected prayer and my relationship with God. Through the testimonies and the preaching during the conference, I challenged myself and it strengthened my relationship with God. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity of being there. — Rebecca 16 years old.
At the Aglow conference, I felt very close to God and met many other young Christians who are in love with Jesus and it felt good to meet other young people like me. I was also touched by the preaching and the worship was very good too. — Nathanael 17 years old
The retreat in Blankenbergge only brought positive points. The worship was very profound and the teaching inspiring. During the conference, I also realized how lucky I was to be a Christian. I met many other young Christians who also love God and it strengthened my faith. The place where we stayed was also very comfortable; I would go on this retreat another 1000 times if needed. — Julia 14 years old
We had a great time with the young generation; it was very inspiring to meet other young people like us who live their lives with Christ; it was encouraging to share our testimonies, see what we still have to do and what we have done so far. — Cherita 17 years old
At first I did not really want to go; we had just finished a game of basketball with the youth outside and I wanted to continue or go to the beach but I thought I would just go to the generation meeting for a few minutes then slipped out. But in the end I stayed the whole time and it as really good; we all shared about what it means to be a young Christian in schools; then the prayer team prayed for each one of us and gave us words of encouragement. I was very blessed. — Gabriel 15 years old