Krystal and Lyle Heisz Testimony

Hello Anna and AGLOW! I know you all would like to hear about our time at the 2018 Conference. My husband and I are 32 years old and attended together. Firstly, when we chose to be at this conference, we knew nothing about AGLOW. I had been to one local AGLOW meeting when I was 22 years old. I honestly forgot ALGOW existed until September of 2018 when I was invited to attend the local meeting where my friend was to be a guest speaker. I showed up and was briefly informed about the conference. Without second thoughts and without any knowledge of your organization, I KNEW that my husband and I HAD to be there. We requested the days off of work, found a 4 day babysitter for our boys, and booked a hotel but did no further studies about AGLOW. We showed up with a big question mark and left with an exclamation point!!

My husband and I were touched by God together in an all new way. Our thoughts and goals in life were ignited and aligned together with a new passion to serve in forwarding God's Kingdom work. Many people prophesied over our future in God. Every word spoken to us by different people throughout the 4 days were in line with the other. There was also healing within our marriage and individually that occurred during this time.

A few very personal amazing events occurred, in which at this time will not be shared to all BUT I will share a vision I had on the last conference morning (Sunday) while worship was taking place. I stood at my seat this last day feeling oh so joyful while the conference people around me danced. I was (like usual) too shy and reserved to participate. My joy suddenly turned to sorrow as I began thinking of my sister whom had recently suffered a sudden tragic death. At this time, a new ALGOW friend approached me and asked me to go to the front with her. I let her pull me up there as I in turn pulled my husband with me. A few minutes after arriving at the front, the song, "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name" began to play. As soon as it did, my vision occurred. The people of heaven and the people of this conference were brought together, combined together, for the worship of God. Among the people of heaven was my sister. She was encouraging me to dance with her! They were all DANCING and WORSHIPPING God to our music just as we all were. It is difficult to describe but it was pure joy.

All of the speakers were wonderful but my husband and I especially enjoyed the teachings of Lance Wallnau because we tend to keep up with political and cultural changes within the US and the world in general. My husband has his own testimony to this conference that he will share.

My husband and I are dreaming BIG now and we know what our next step in our life is which will open us up to fullfill God's call on our lives although we do not yet know His plans in detail. We do know AGLOW is involved! We will be seeing all of you again at the Jerusalem Convocation!  ----Krystal and Lyle Heisz

Olivia Hunt Testimony

This year, 2018, I attended my first ever Aglow Conference. Until then, I’d never been to an Aglow event outside of my Lighthouse’s and Generations’ meetings. I went with the woman I call my second mom, Bess Loveless, and got to meet a few other women that belong to surrounding lighthouses. It was a whirlwind of a conference, packed with amazing speakers.

Honestly, some of the leaders who spoke before the main presentation had great things to say. One woman gave a testimony of how God is working in Vietnam, and that really put a perspective on how God is truly moving over more nations than we realize. Being a worship leader at my home church, I enjoyed the worship, which was three times per conference day everyday. I’m beyond impressed with those marvelous women. But my favorite part of worship was when the percussionists and guitarists quieted and the masses simply sung together. It was like a big, holy choir. While at the conference, I was also able to make the acquaintance of other people in Generations groups or looking to form one. Overall, I had a really good time and I’m indebted to my Hillsboro Lighthouse for paving the way for me to attend. – Olivia Hunt