From Kate Hilliard, TX

The whole experience was amazing and thank you for giving us a voice. The conference was not just a gathering, but a commissioning, new marching orders. I loved learning that 5778 is the year of the woman and of warring angels! I felt the charge in the atmosphere and the new authority arising to walk in. Specifically, I was telling God that I don't feel like I have one people group to reach - like how some people are called to a country, city, gender, age - and He showed me how He wanted me to have to a heart for everyone, for all of them - that was amazing to hear, since sometimes I feel like I do a lot of little things, or do small things good, but nothing exceeding great. He just broke through all those inadequate feelings.

Another thing I received was from Barbara Yoder. She reminded me of the spiritual hunger we must have, and I've made it important to have my morning time with the Lord and crave His presence all the more. This is such an exciting time, and I want to tune my ear to all He is saying.

Young people need to see the bigger picture that we are a part of! You catch the vision! I loved the Generations meeting and that poem had such an impact! I bought the DVDs and am going to watch them again with people who couldn't come to the conference, and so I'm sure I'll get more to share!

One thing that I shared with Shelly Morales was that on Sunday morning after we shared and were worshiping, Ruthie the piano player started playing in the spirit. While she was playing I saw a timeline that started in 1967 with the birth of Aglow. The music notes and melody danced through that timeline and portrayed the history of Aglow all in the song! It was so cool and beautiful.

From Miguel Zepeda, El Salvador

Did you have any highlight moments? I was very glad to see a generation of women that have gone this far thanks to their consistent effort for 50 years, and especially thanks to their deep love for God. I realized now that 50 years, is a great celebration not only because of the number, but because of the challenges and impact that the organization has seen through all these years. You see, I thought Aglow was big, but it turned out to be bigger than I imagined. I thought Aglow was good for the lives of people but it turned out to be more meaningful than I imagined. I saw a group of women and men seeking for God with all of their heart. I loved it. There is no doubt to me now why God loves Aglow so much. I came to realize this during worship moments, prayers, and in one-on-one interaction with many people. I loved the Latin American meeting and the Aglow Generations presentation on stage.

Did God speak something to you at the Conference? Yes. About leadership, starting new projects without fear, learning to give more, to love more, and to be more patient. He spoke to me about this particular time of my life, and how is not time to be fearful but to take action in his name. To be courageous.

Did you have any highlights from the speakers? I particularly appreciated the challenging words of Dutch and Graham. I think they really spoke to my heart and how it is time to take my relationship with God to a higher level.

Would you encourage other young people to come to an Aglow Conference, and why? I would. I love the ladies but we need more presence of the younger generation. Who is going to take the word of God to more nations and hearts if not us? Where is our people!? We should be at least 50%/50% in these events!

Did you miss the conference, or want to process all that God imparted to Aglow at this historic event. You can order DVDs and CDs from Fresh Audio and Visual. Check out the Conference Blog to read about each session and watch video clips.