2016 themeBonnie Minnick, a young leader from Montana writes about the life-changing experience she had at the 2016 U.S. National Aglow Conference.

Conference was very powerful for me. I had been struggling with being called to a Generation’s leadership position because I felt inadequate in so many areas. During worship on Thursday God spoke three things to me 1) to believe in myself 2) that my Heavenly Father does not think little of me, and 3) that He is awakening me to declare His victory.

Then during the Generations meeting He showed me who in my area that I can start impacting. That night God spoke very specifically to me that my purpose was to make myself low by pushing other people higher. I felt strongly that all the Lighthouses need to reach out and start actively anointing the next generation, so that Aglow will continue on in the future, generation after generation.

In October when I was speaking at our state retreat, God had me speak about David, and how when he was old he was just focused on getting warm. His son, Adonijah, was going to assume the throne and David didn't stop him. Bathsheba and Nathan the Prophet had to go to David and say, ‘Hey! Wake up! Do you not see what is happening?’

It is the mothers and the prophets that need to arise. I felt like God called me at the conference to go to every Lighthouse in our state to wake them up, stir them up, and lift them up, to seek out who God is anointing to be raised up to future leadership.

I believe what the older generation in Aglow has is a very special anointing, and it is so important that the next generation receive it. I love Aglow, not only because of its organization, but because it is a move of God that is powerful, and growing in power rapidly. I believe we are going to be moved into such a position that we will be taking back dominion in the earth.

At the conference God brought all the prophecies I have had together, and I finally get who I am.

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