canadaconf2016Alyson Stahl, Carman Aglow Generations Leader and her team recently attended the Aglow National Conference. Alyson writes, “It is my pleasure to write to you about the Aglow National Conference that 3 other members of our Generations team and I had the privilege of attending.”

“The conference was in Edmonton, Alberta, and we had to drive 14 hours to get there. When we arrived, we went to a leadership meeting. There were a lot of people and we felt a little overwhelmed as we were so tired, but as soon as they entered into worship, it only took a few seconds and our hearts were swept up into the presence of Jesus. We instantly felt at one with these members of Aglow whom we had never met and who were older than us but definitely had stamina like young people! The rest of the weekend we spent bonding with these amazing men and women of passion and fire. Their welcome was truly warm and they were so inspiring to us!”

“My husband, Wes, was the only guy from our Generations group that could make it for the conference. He really hit it off with David McDaniel, one of the speakers that weekend, and he is still in contact with him. Wes also had the privilege of joining the Men of Issachar. We felt that God was intentional in lining Wes up with the Men of Issachar in that he represents his generation in that group. God has big plans in store for the Men of Issachar, which Wes is thrilled to be part of it.”

“The 3 of us girls that came for the conference had the honor of being part of the prophetic arts team that was being led by Sandy Foster. Our art was truly inspired by God as often the pictures we painted tied in with the message or we were united with 1 theme without even realizing it. My heart was that our art would be an intercessory tool that poured out for the people that were at the conference and the people of this land. Our paintings and word pictures stood for truth, the Spirit leading us and guiding us, resting and flowing with God, upgrades, and a new sound. It was an amazing and stretching experience, and we hope to do and learn more in this area!”

“A huge highlight for us was when they had our Generations group come to the front and they commissioned us into Aglow. They honored our generation and prayed for us. We were also able to honor Aglow back and to share our hearts a bit. We are a generation that wants to carry on the fire and passion that is being passed onto us. We want to step into the fullness of our identities. We are constantly being upgraded and want to show God’s love and mercy wherever we go.”

“Lastly, what I was most touched by was to see and hear the hearts of those on our Aglow leadership team. Wow! Are those women powerhouses! I want what they have! I see that they have been through so much in their lifetimes. Their testimonies are real and life changing and they have seen Aglow go through hard times, yet were obedient to what God was birthing in them. It was really wonderful to be able to honor them and establish their team of 12 and to bestow the Lord’s blessing on them. Aglow in Canada is going places. The Lord’s plans for our land are safe in the hearts of those who burn for him and that is what I saw in the men and women of Aglow. Hearts that burn for God.”

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