2016-3-3-hong-kongThe Aglow Generations Group in Hong Kong recently held a conference with the theme “Pursuing Originality”. The conference featured visual art, creative dance, performing, fashion, graphic design and also film making. The guest speaker, Corinna Chamberlain, is a well-known Hong Kong celebrity, singer, and actress.

Corinna began the conference by assembling people into small groups to discuss their concepts of originality and exploring what hinders one from pursuing it.

After coming back together as a group, Corinna gave a message about her early struggle with identity being Western but with very Chinese behavior. She expounded about being set free when she found her identity in Christ. Although trained at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Corinna eventually decided to use her own style after getting over the fear of being original. She went on to say that God wants us to be creative in all that we do and not always follow what worked before, trusting God for the timing of the recognition as an artist.

Corinna also shared about writing a song that God used for creative arts evangelism. The song was written for a secular production, but ended up telling people about God as they queried the lyrics.

She concluded the conference by encouraging the group to guard their hearts above everything, as it's very easy to be prideful as an artist.

Alice Tsoi, Aglow Hong Kong National President writes, “Corinna shared from her heart and with true humility. She even sang three of her songs for us! Everyone was very encouraged by her sharing.”

When asked why they came to the conference, some of the responses included:

  • attracted by the theme "Pursuing Originality”
  • never been in meeting and fellowship with artists only
  • wanted to hear Corinna's experience as an artist
  • wanted to learn how to use our creativity to influence others
  • came to see a star

For whatever reason these young people came to this gathering, God met them in that place.  We as Aglow are learning fresh and new ways to draw the next Generation into God’s Presence through their “identity”.