Christina EstherChristina NercessianChristina Nercessian leads a Generations Group in Armenia. Her heart was stirred as a very young girl to be a part of Generations. The Generations Group of Yerevan Armenia has been a registered group since 2008, which means Christina started this group before she was even a teenager. This recent update in 2015, from Christina shows her incredible heart and the amazing journey this group has been for her.

This is a group for our non-Christian friends that gives us the chance to evangelize to them! One of the challenges is that each one is so unique and has completely different experiences with life. Because of that, we (me and the guy I am doing the group with) have to find different ways to get to them, to talk to them about Jesus and his love for them.

One of the members comes from a troubled home and has been bullied in school, so he finds it difficult to trust others and has self-esteem issues. But it's so encouraging that when I invited him, he came and has been coming EVERY time for almost 9 months now! And I think he considers us his friends and trusts us now. So please, if you remember, pray that God will tell us what to do, how to show him His love. He is very open and I pray that we won't miss the chance to lead him to Jesus!

There is another guy who comes from a loving home who is self-secure and has a very kind heart. We're very good friends with him. The challenge is that he seems to have everything he needs (which I'm happy for) but he doesn't seem to realize that he needs God too. He is also very open, so please pray for him as well, that when the right time comes, we will know what to do, what to tell him that will help him accept Jesus.

There's another member who is a very friendly person but he doesn't want to believe that God exists because "science disproves Him". We have many conversations on this topic and I actually enjoy talking to him and listening to his point of views. But the interesting thing is that he keeps on coming to our meetings every time (for almost 2 years) and even invites his friends! But I'm not afraid that he will not accept God because by knowing him I know that deep down inside he knows God and loves him. I am confident that God is already working in his heart.

One of the members had started a rock band with 4 of his friends and after coming to our group for some time, he started to invite his band members. Now 4 of them are coming and it is so exciting! One of them had bad experiences with a Christian relative before and was too disappointed to want to have anything to do with Christianity, but he comes to our groups and I am so glad that he didn't give up altogether! I think that one day their talents will serve God, like many people who like rock music would know Jesus through their music!

The list of our members can go on with their individual stories, but I just wanted to say that although I don't always realize it, God is REALLY doing something incredible through this group. I feel as though, many teenagers find a safe place, like a refuge in each other when we meet. I can't explain it! Maybe they don't realize that God is there every time and he is the one holding them safely in his love and faithfulness (or maybe they do!).

I learned that the most important thing in evangelizing is to love those people, to be their friend. Often when they are talking about what they believe which may not be what I believe, I need to just listen and not argue. I have to let them know that they are important to me and so are their opinions. Oftentimes it's not the right words or the well-organized meetings that save people, but simply the relationships.

I used to be so frustrated that so far none of the members have "officially" been saved, but lately I'm not because I realized that they will gain many fruits in the long run! This experience is also teaching me a lot of things. For instance, EVERY TIME I make a mistake I start thinking that I disappointed God and that I don't deserve to be a leader anymore and so on. But then, when I expect everything to go wrong with the group because "God has left it", something amazing happens that couldn't have happened if God didn't do it! So EVERY TIME He faithfully keeps on telling me that He's never going to leave me and that I should trust Him more and so on.

Christina is serving the mission of Generations well by carrying the light to the dark. Will you stand with her in prayer for these young people? We believe with her that there will be much fruit that comes from the truth, love and friendship they are receiving in this group. Leaders be encouraged and filled with hope that your obedience is making a difference. And like Christina when you feel you want to give up, is the very time that breakthrough is coming. God is faithful! Christina is just finishing up high school and has been accepted at a University. Her goal is to be an English teacher. Pray blessing over her university years and bright future.