tx-generations-retreatThis spring, the Aglow South Central Region hosted a Generations weekend in Galveston, TX.  The verse for the event was Psalm 27:8 My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me’. And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.’  Their goal was to have time away with the Lord, grow together, and build relationships.

Judy Malone, Generations Regional Coordinator for the South Central Region, complied testimonies from the girls about their weekend.

  • Lauren - The Lord restored my health, and my ability to love myself and my life. Thank you Jesus!
  • Jayde - This weekend was to be a representation of Acts 2.  I came with expectation that God would make this scripture a reality, and I am so pleased and grateful that He did. He is faithful! In a short amount of time, we received prophetic words, had times of intimacy, had divine appointments to minister to others, saw our group multiply, broke bread together, laughed together, cried together and ultimately lived life in a manner of communal worship! I am grateful for the experience, and feel like I made lasting friendships that will continue to bring glory to God.
  • Brittanee - This past weekend was a wonderful experience. I was able to share some things I was struggling with, and it was so nice to share it and not feel judged, but instead be showered with love and prayer.  Meeting everyone blessed me tremendously. I have also begun to mend the relationship with my mom. God gave me strength to reach out to her after almost 6 months of not speaking. I'm so thankful for you guys. I hope we can do this again!
  • Amanda - Being able to fellowship with other women whose hearts are also yearning for God's presence was priceless. God was so faithful to show up through the laughter, tears, silence, and moments of humility. He was there and He heard our hearts as we heard Him. I had never been to a place where I could be vulnerable and share my heart with strangers, yet feel so close to them as if we were all sisters - which we are through Christ Jesus! Loved my time with these beautiful women of God!
  • Emily Ann - I'm usually very quick to shy away and become timid when it's time to share, but this weekend made me feel completely free of any insecurities that come with that vulnerability. I wasn't afraid to share with all of the women (most of whom I had just met) even the most personal things, because there was no feelings of condemnation, just so much love. The Lord's presence was so strong, it was incredible. I loved getting to know everyone am so thankful for our time together!
  • Stephanie - This weekend was such an awesome and amazing experience with God and all my lovely sisters in Christ. We got to create bonds not only with one another, but strengthen our bond with our wonderful God. We allowed our spirits and minds to be vulnerable to God. He was definitely in our presence this whole weekend. I learned through our testimonies that God is our provider, best friend, lover, father, supporter and our backbone. God is amazing and I'm thankful for such a great time together!

The Mission of the Aglow Generation Project is to see young people form community groups, where they first can grow in their relationship with God and one another. As they grow in their gifting, they would use their creativity to touch their community with the Kingdom, bringing light to the darkness. Find out more