BeckyThe Beauty4Ashes Generations Project Group has been working for several years with teenage girls who struggle with their own worth and value.  Becky was a teenager who was genuinely terrified to sing or even speak in front of other people when the group was having singing lessons and performing songs in front of each other.

The only way she would sing her song was if everyone else left the room and she was alone with Steph, the singing coach.  Her song of choice was from the Disney movie “Mulan”.  The lyrics say, “When will my reflection be who I see inside?”

Now Becky is very confident, and openly thanked Beauty4Ashes on Facebook for who she has become.  Claire Hine, Launceston England Beauty4Ashes Generations Group Leader commented, “We might never see the real Tree of Righteousness this side of heaven, but we germinate, feed, water and release.  Our hope is that one day, sooner or later, these young people will remember His fragrance, realize it was Him who loved them, and come wholeheartedly to Him.  Our desire is that they will ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’.”

This is the message from Becky, “I am doing absolutely fine.  With help from the Beauty4Ashes Generations Project I’ve learned that I can be myself.  People will support you if you have a little faith, even if you make mistakes.  It’s all about perseverance.  I am still practicing music, but I’ve decided my career path; I want to be a young person’s advocate.  I can talk to people on whatever level, without feeling nervous.  I have met people in Westminster, won the mayoral award, and applied for a leadership role at Sixth Form College. The Generations Project really taught me to value others, but most importantly to value myself.”

In addition to Becky’s amazing story, there are other teenagers who have been transformed into strong young women who are taking their place in society.  Georgia is now pursuing a singing career following the incredible progress she made through the singing classes already mentioned, and Hannah is particularly grateful for all that Beauty4Ashes Generations Group has done.  Her life has completely turned around!  To God be all the praise for His life transforming love, grace and power!