05202014-trending-goodnessTrending Goodness is an initiative of a Northern Illinois Generation Project.  It is composed of a growing group of friends who care about their communities, and feel passionate about the untapped power of Goodness.  The group has been together for many years as an all-city College and Career Sunday night dinner fellowship group, and are now embracing their upgrade by launching the Trending Goodness movement in Rockford and the Northern Illinois Area.

Rogene Brick, Area VP of Special Events and Generations Co-Leader writes,

“By way of background, our city has been hard hit by the economy, and seriously maligned by exaggerated or contrived reports from the media.  We feel this negativity must stop and believe the Trending Goodness initiative is a critical and worthy endeavor.”

“I heard about ‘Making Goodness Fashionable’ at GameChangers in June 2013, and at the International Aglow Conference in Orlando last fall.  But it really hit me hard in Anaheim, California at Graham Cooke’s ‘Mind of A Saint’ Conference.  I brought the material back to our group for the fall retreat last year.  It hit them, too. We brainstormed, think-tanked, and engineered the, mission, and goals culminating in ‘Trending Goodness’.  We felt we could ‘Make Goodness Fashionable’ in Rockford, and assist a necessary shift from negative to positive thinking, one delightful action of goodness at a time.”

“I believe Trending Goodness is part of the fulfillment of a prophetic word given years ago by Chuck Pierced regarding our area.  He said that in the Last Days, Rockford and the Northern Illinois Area will be a Goshen, a place of refreshing, refuge, and restoration.  Thus, one of our goals is to see Rockford personify Goodness, and in fact, be known one day as "the epicenter" of where a renaissance of Goodness across the land, began. It seems a lofty goal; and yet it's so simple; change the mindset, change the language, change lives. Even now, I personally feel that the fruit of Goodness beginning here is bubbling up a shift toward Goshen.”

“At the recent Trending Goodness launch we spent the day at Anderson Gardens introducing a simple Goodness initiative encouraging each person, to do one intentional, selfless action of Goodness per day.  We gave brief presentations of history (William Wilberforce), explanation of how our group decided to make Goodness our focus, and watched short videos of true stories showing the amazing power of Goodness.  We also rolled out a challenge and introduced some creative tools to encourage people to get in the habit of doing intentional daily actions of Goodness.  We had a fabulous response with nearly 100 people in attendance throughout the day.”

“The launch was picked up as a feature by our Fox affiliate and had radio and newspaper coverage. After the launch, our Facebook page grew in popularity, and print and cable media reached out to us, along with many local businesses showing interest, supporting us in many ways. Trending Goodness is gaining interest, attention and catching on here. Because of this outpouring of enthusiasm, we are having a follow-up gathering soon.”

As a Kingdom Community, Aglow International is absolutely committed to the Core Value of relationship by treating each other with integrity, openness, honesty, non-negotiable love, and goodness. (1 Peter 4:8)

Find out more - www.TrendingGoodness.com, www.Facebook.com/TrendingGoodness