Generations Groups exist:

  • To provide a place for young people to grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s love.
  • To promote and stimulate solid relationships between young people.
  • To change our communities, nation, and world. Using our gifts and talents to reach our community.
  • To reach those who do not yet know Jesus, through love, friendship, support, and by living life with them—seeing them come into a love relationship with Jesus and becoming disciples.
  • To promote a Christian world-view on current issues in the world.
  • To show the difference between religion and a relationship with God.
  • To learn to live in the world with a spiritual mind; to be able to relate and feel comfortable in the world, but with a godly perspective.  Be an influence to non-Christians, not be influenced by them.
  • To be an integral part of Aglow International.
  • To develop relationships with those established in Aglow, and walk alongside the generations that have gone before us.