How Does a Generations Group Work?

A typical Generations Group is made up of men and/or women, under the age of thirty five: children, teens, college students, young professionals, or young couples. Groups are either made up of one of the above stages of life, or a mixture of life stages. If the group consist of multiple life stages, the group leaders need to make sure that the topics discussed are relevant to those in the group, reflecting the interest, challenges, and appropriateness that comes with their differing season of life.

Generations Groups start with a leadership team of one leader; one or two co-leaders; and one advisor—who’s a male or female pastor, or Christian layman/woman. (You can ask your area team or another lighthouse if you can use their same advisor.)

Weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings can be held to fulfil the general objectives of the Generations Groups.

These meetings can take place in a variety of places, based upon the goal of your group.  For example; if your stated goal is “We would like to reach College Students,” the best place in that case would be to meet on campus somewhere, in a dorm, etc. 

These meetings are not a church service, and we want people to be introduced to Christ through friendship, and for young people to have solid relationships with other Christians.  Teaching or an evangelistic bible study are options, of course, but be discerning, realizing that there are many different ways to reach people that are effective.