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You Are Not Alone

Deuteronomy 31:6b “He will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Anna's ringThis Bible verse has been dear to my heart for many years.  In Israel this year, I purchased a ring and was considering which verse I wanted engraved on it. This is the verse I chose. I wear this ring everyday and love the Hebrew inscription. I believe every human being longs deeply to be loved, but also has a deep longing to be known, heard, and seen.

Loneliness and isolation are painful feelings that I experienced for a season in my life. Depression and anxiety seemed to grip me and at times I felt like giving up on life. It was then that the truth of this scripture became more real to me. As I meditated on the word of God, healing took place in my life. I had to grow in understanding who I am in Christ. I learned that Christ is not only always with me, but in me as well. When I felt fear or worry coming on, just speaking the name of Jesus made it leave.

In the story in Deuteronomy where this verse first appears, the Lord is speaking these words at a critical time for the people of Israel. Moses, who had been their leader and had led them out of Egypt and through the desert, was about to die. He had been their father figure, guide, and God’s mouthpiece to his people. In Deuteronomy 31, Moses is passing leadership to Joshua and encourages them: the Lord is with you always… don’t fear your enemies because you will enter the land I have promised you. In Hebrews, following exhortations to live a Godly and pure life, the Lord’s words again serve as a reminder: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” In times of great uncertainty, transition, and life choices, God is saying, “I’m with you always.”

As I was preparing to start this blog, I saw an article online about one of the American Idol finalists who sings an original song on their tour titled Never Gone. Colton Dixon professed his Christian faith on the show and his song conveys God’s message in Deuteronomy and Hebrews. The chorus says,

I'm still standing here

no I didn’t disappear

now the lights are on

see I was never gone

I let go of your hand

to help you understand

I’m with you all along

no I was never gone

This song confirmed to me that someone needed a reminder that God will never leave them or forsake them. Knowing and grasping this truth will change your life and help you through the valleys. God is with you and in you. You are not alone.

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