Philippines-meeting-Eating-togetherEating together at the official launch
of Generations in the Philippines
Our Mission: To see young people form community groups, where they first can grow in their relationship with God and one another. As they grow in their gifting, they would use their creativity to touch their community with the Kingdom, bringing light to the darkness.

Jesus did not come to create a religion, but to have a relationship with people.  Together we want our lives to be marked by Jesus, to look more like Him daily.  As we build relationships with one another in our groups we can encourage growth and the use of our individual gifts. Our mission is to build solid relationships that would reflect the life we have in Jesus. In order to accomplish this, we choose to live in complete abandonment to Christ.

As followers of Jesus, although we recognize we are not of the world, we do live in the world. Living in the world does not mean that we remove ourselves from the world in order to live a life free of sin. We are in the world; seeing, thinking, and listening with the mind of Christ. We are called to bring Christ’s love, hope and kingdom every place we set our feet.